44 Phonemes

Taught by Corey Zylstra
Corey Zylstra
Corey Zylstra
OG Master Trainer

Corey ("Mrs. Z.") has been in the field of education for over 25 years. She has taught in many different capacities and is a regular conference and workshop presenter for teachers world-wide. Since specializing in the field of learning difficulties and multisensory language remediation using the Orton-Gillingham approach (MSL/OG), Mrs. Zylstra has authored several publications and has served on several non-profit boards, including current positions with Dyslexia Canada and CATT, OG. She holds a Masters of Education degree from SFU, a Provincial Instructor’s Diploma, and has been recognized and accredited as an Orton-Gillingham Master Trainer for the Canadian Orton-Gillingham Academy (MT/CATT, OG), an Honorary Fellow of the American OG Academy (HF/AOGPE) and a Certified Dyslexia Therapist through the International Dyslexia Association (CDT/IDA-CERI).

Course Curriculum

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